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UCL 3MT competition winner!

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Every year the UCL organize a competition dedicated to doctoral candidates who have to recap their work into a three minutes presentation to a non-specialist audience called UCL 3MT competition.

This year winner is Alexandra Bridarolli who is working on the NANORESTART Horizon 2020 project, nanotechnology-based solutions for the conservation of contemporary art materials. Her thesis is focused on using nanocellulose for the consolidation of cellulosic materials in particular on canvas from the 20th century.

I love her theatrical and pathetic attitude during her presentation!

What do you think about her presentation? Does is show enough enthusiasm? Is it comprehensible to everyone?

In my opinion it is excellent example of how science can be made interesting and taken out of the closed, often self-centered academic world, and made accessible to the public without using cryptic complicated language.

So well done Alexandra!

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Zoom In – A closer look at science at the British Museum

heritage science. fact not fiction

As part of British Science Week 2017 the National Heritage Science Forum is again featuring blog posts from heritage scientists from across its member organisations. This year’s theme is ‘sharing heritage science’ and the blogs over the rest of the week will give an insight into the many different forms that heritage science can take, as well as some of the different ways of getting involved.

We start, today, with Peter Mc Elhinney’s summary of British Science Week events that will take place at the British Museum, including this afternoon’s Facebook Live event…

This week, the British Museum’s scientists come out from behind the scenes for a free event that offers visitors the chance to take a look at heritage science in the Museum. Visitors will get the chance to learn about the techniques that are used to monitor and care for the Museum’s collections, and see the latest behind-the-scenes…

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We can do it!

Buona festa della donna!

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Today we are celebrating “International Women’s Day” and I’d like to talk about the achievements of women in STEM, presenting a couple of female scientists who made it, struggling in a world dominated by men.

Despite being overshadowed by their husbands or close colleagues, judged badly and criticised for not being in compliance with the “female” stereotypes and their scientific discoveries often being stolen or underestimated, they lead the way in their field.

Regardless of their social, economic and ethnic background they are inspirational figures that should urge us to keep fighting for our rights, our freedom of expression and self-determination.

Mary Anning (1799-1849)


Mary was born into poverty, but became the greatest fossils finder of her era, influencing the new science of paleontology despite not being acknowledged by her peer colleagues. Several books and articles are talking about her using anedoctes and stories, but very little is known about…

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Waste disposal conundrum

Into the blue. Environmental Chemistry Outreach Exhibit

not only chemistry

Dear imaginary readers,

it’s with excitement that I can say I will be part of this amazing events curated by the Environmental Chemistry Group of the Royal society of Chemistry.

It will take place at Manchester Runaway Visitor Park from Tuesday the 25th until Saturday the 29th of October.

Into the blue will bring alive the world of environmental science and research by immersing visitors in a hands-on science exhibition, experiencing the best of the UK’s environmental science research and the cutting-edge technology that is used to measure and monitor our environment.

Some lucky visitors will be able to go on board and experience the UK’s most advanced research aircraft, to ask questions of real scientists and interact with a range of exhibits from all of NERC’s centres.

For more information and tickets visit the NERC website.

I can’t wait for that!


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Vittoria per la cava dei dinosauri!

Cari lettori immaginari,

per varie vicissitudini personali è un bel po’ di tempo che non aggiorno questo spazio. Visto però il vostro essere eterei e fittizi, non mi dilungherò in spiegazioni dettagliate.

Scrivo per dare notizia della vittoria nella battaglia per il riconoscimento dell’ area di Pontrelli come area di pubblica utilità ed interesse. Mi unisco ai ringraziamenti di una delle promotrici della campagna, Eleonora di Feo, a tutti coloro che hanno firmato la petizione on-line e contribuito a diffondere la questione.


16 May 2016 — La Direzione Generale Archeologia del MIBACT ha espresso Decreto di Pubblica Utilità per il Sito Area Pontrelli: l’iter procedurale di Esproprio riguarda esclusivamente l’ Amministrazione comunale di Altamura, che ne ha già interessato l’Avvocatura di Stato per poter sanare il titolo oneroso previsto.
il Sito Paleogeografico, Area Pontrelli dopo tutti questi anni trascorsi dalla scoperta, nel 1999, potrà essere tutelato e reso fruibile .
Grazie a Voi tutti!

Eleonora de Feo